The firm was established in August 1995 when Paul Avenant commenced practice as Sole Practitioner under the name “Paul Avenant Attorney” initially in Durbanville and a few months later in Bellville.

During October 1995 Louis Paul van Schalkwyk joined Paul Avenant as a Candidate Attorney and in 1998 they entered into a partnership. Currently Paul Avenant is the sole Director of Avenant Rappoport Incorporated assisted by Liam Connan as a professional assistant and Louis Van Schalkwyk and Gerrie Swart as consultants.

The firm provides legal services to a wide variety of clients which apart from private clients also include various commercial entities of which some are international clients.

ABSA Bank, Standard Bank and Firstrand Bank have placed the firm on their panel of attorneys dealing with the registration and cancellation of bonds.

The Firm is also the appointed service provider for Bank Windhoek in dealing with deceased estate matters on their behalf in the Republic.